Store Policies

Return Policy

Gem Room Games does not accept returns. Please read the Terms of Service for more detail on our damage policy.

Shipping Policy

Gem Room Games ships games once a week. If you need expedited shipping, please contact us.

Due to rising international shipping prices, Gem Room Games is no longer shipping internationally. We understand this can be disappointing. Please contact us to learn about other distributors of our games, or find our digital editions at

Terms of Service

All games, unless otherwise specified, are copyrighted by Gem Room Games. 

Gem Room Games is not responsible for damage to products sustained due to transit or mishandling during shipping. Light or superficial damage (example: light scuffing or wrinkling) will not qualify for a full refund, and only on infrequent occasions may qualify for a partial refund. If there is sufficient damage that you are unable to play your game, please document the damage and reach out to us through the contact page.