Letters to Sandra



Letters to Sandra is a single player letter-writing game about communication, trust, and betrayal.

Sandra Blank has gone off to college. You are one of 6 characters who is close with Sandra. She is corresponding with all 6 people throughout her first semester of college. Read excerpts of Sandra's letters to you, roll on news tables to reveal what you are choosing to share with her (and what you are choosing not to say), and decide for yourself whether or not to respect the privacy of letters not meant for your eyes.

Key features

- Six playable correspondents
- Excerpts from 30 letters from Sandra
- 60 updates on the action in Centerville
- Guidance to facilitate your correspondence
- A physical masking mechanic (get your scissors!) to protect or betray Sandra's privacy

Letters to Sandra is a game for one player requiring at least one six-sided die, scissors or another way to cut paper, possibly tape, and approximately 1-2 hours to sit with your decisions. Possible content warnings include illness, death, injury, financial insecurity, and sexual assault.

Praise for Letters to Sandra

"It’s unnerving how quickly this game got under my skin. The premise is simple, but the emotional heft is devastating. Though there are many ways to play, every single one will force you to examine the ways we all edit, embellish, or obfuscate the painful truth to maintain comforting stories about ourselves and those we’re close to. It’s rare for a game to dredge up such a tangled nest of human impulse; rarer still to do it so deftly, and with minimal pretension. I will be thinking about Letters To Sandra for awhile."
- Ken Lowery, Bannerless Games (VOID 1680 AM, Lighthouse at the End of the World)

“An emotional gut-punch every step of the way, Letters to Sandra plays with nostalgia, longing, and the listlessness of being stuck in a nowhere town. A solo game that knows how to mess with the medium by teasing and tempting the player.”
- Nevyn “Nova” Holmes, Dinoberry Press (Justicar, Gun&Slinger)

The Wondercabinet Invitational 2023

Letters to Sandra is part of the 2023 Wondercabinet Invitational, a collection of unique tabletop games made by a curated group of designers inspired by randomized collections of oddities and ephemera. Learn more and preorder a bundle of all six entries at wondercabi.net, or pick up all six digital editions through the Wondercabinet Itch.io bundle here.