The Weaver's Observatory



The Weaver’s Observatory is a two player dramatic fantasy adventure about an explorer seeking to change their destiny by asking a boon of Fate herself. Set in an ancient tower outside time, the Climber shares memories of their life as they traverse the tower’s obstacles in search of Fate. Written for the Ennie Award Winning Tunnel Goons, The Weaver’s Observatory uses a classic dungeon format to explore the life of a character for whom every other hope has been extinguished, and who knows that even if they survive they may return empty handed.

Featuring a wealth of original art, a transformative setting, and custom character creation tools, The Weaver’s Observatory is an intimate, isolated adventure in a mostly abandoned, impossible place. Together, Fate and the Climber will learn whether the story ends in fortune or tragedy.

- A full set of custom Childhoods, Professions, and Paths to the Tower for use with Tunnel Goons or any Tunnel Goons-based game.
- Guidance for setting The Weaver’s Observatory within the context of a larger campaign.
- A seven-story tower of puzzles, hazards, and guards with hand-drawn maps and fiber art photography.
- Six impossible realities each with six eras to explore, six companions trapped in the tower, and thirty-six moments in the tapestry of other lives.
- Eight potential epilogues to guide the Weaver’s hand in bringing the adventure to a satisfying, if possibly tragic, conclusion.

For 2 players
A5 full-color staplebound book, 52 pages
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